Human Needs Food Pantry Needs Donations

The Human Needs Food Pantry of Montclair needs food donations for the Thanksgiving season and St. John's is sponsoring a food drive to help supplement the Pantry's supplies. Non-perishable items needed include: Read more

North Porch Asks for Support

North Porch Women and Infants’ Centers has put out a specific request for baby wipes and volunteers at its Newark center at 24 Rector Street. Read more

What Tom Minet has to say

I’d like to speak very briefly about transforming your Sunday church experience.  I’m not going to ask for a show of hands on the following questions for obvious reasons but… How many of you have had your mind drift off to other things in church?  How many of you have come here with the best of intentions to worship actively, to be open to new ideas and to feel at one with the people around you, but have, instead, become disengaged? How many of you have found your worship experience growing a bit stale, for whatever reason? Read more

What Christian Paolino has to say

This is something you won’t hear every day: I invite you to play with your phone in church. Read more
Bill Lannagan

All hail Bill Lannagan!

April 2014: Bill, who is retired from a profession in information technology, has helped configure our computer network, install software, and otherwise keep things humming. Many, many thanks! This important ministry not only saves us money, it also keeps us working and out of mischief.  Read more

Confirmation Q&A

Who can be confirmed? Read more

Our Life in Christ

Our Weekly Services are traditional in style, yet intimate and familial in tone. We use the Episcopal liturgy from the Book of Common Prayer, and we have been open to using prayers and readings from other sources and traditions. Read more

History of St. John's

St. John’s Episcopal Church was established as a self-supporting parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Newark in June 1902. It began as a parochial mission of St. Luke’s Church in 1896 and, until 1901, held services in a rented store on Walnut Street. Read more